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Concept Development Group (CDG)


Who We Are:

Established and powered by a group of former Bell Laboratories members of technical staff and faculty members at leading universities , Concept Development Group (CDG) has the expertise in providing creative "out of the box" ideas and solutions that help our clients have an edge in the market place.

We are flexible and elastic. We work with a network of experts in the industry and academia to bring our clients complete solutions.

We can take a project at different stages: from problem definition through prototyping, market research and analysis, and  commercialization.


We Specialize in:

in in Various Disciplines of Science and Engineering.


In   We Have a Proven Track Record of Innovation:

The consultants at CDG have a total of more than 75 years of industry experience in design and development of optical systems, fiber optics, optoelectronics, RF and microwave electronics, medical instrumentation and advanced applications engineering.

We have originated:

in the fields of Telecommunication, Networking, Medical and Biomedical Devices and Systems. Click here for our bios and list of our technical contributions.

Our Mission:

Introduction and Commercialization of Innovative and Disruptive Technologies and Systems:

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