CDG Biomedical Division

Our Mission: To improve the  quality of life through invention and innovation

Lead by a Professor of Industrial Engineering at USC and former Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Ohio Sate University,

Established and powered by a group of former Bell Laboratories engineers with various disciplines,

Concept Development Group (CDG), Biomedical group provides creative "out of the box" ideas and solutions for medical rehabilitation.

We have a record of accomplishment in:

         Concept Development

         System Design and Development,

         Applications Development,

        Product Commercialization,


We work with a network of experts in the industry to bring our clients complete solutions. We can take a project at different stages: from problem definition through fully operational prototyping, market research and analysis, and can help our clients take it into production.

We have originated more than 30 issued US patents, over 100 worldwide patents and numerous publications in Telecommunication, Networking, Medical and Biomedical Devices and Systems.

The products developed by CDG Biomedical divisions are always a step ahead of competition.

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What We Offer:

Specializes in and offers:

         Assistive Devices for the Physically Disabled Individuals and for SCI patients,

         Devices to help healing after surgery,

        Clinical and Diagnostic Tools and Systems.

         Customized Medical/ Biomedical Devices, Systems, and Instrumentation.

Our Current Products

Our available and committed products include:

Improved Freedom Flow: simply the best leg bag emptier on the market today. Why? Please visit our Freedom Flow site or request a Brochure.

Next generation Freedom Flow: To be commercially available in December 2004.

Freedom Wear: a device to help recovery and physical therapy for patients after hip and other orthopedic surgery. Under development.

Freedom Live: a novel Pressure Sore Prevention Device for the physically disabled. Under development.

Freedom Gait: an inexpensive and portable tool for study and analysis of Human Gait. Under development.

More to be announced soon.

Please Contact CDG Sales Department.

CDG Biomedical Design Group

Our Engineering and Medical team can also work with you to develop, engineer and commercialize your medical/clinical ideas. Please contact CDG Engineering Department.

Please contact us

R&D Director                  Berok Khoshnevis, Ph.D

Engineering                     Minhee Kang, Ph.D. 

Medical Director            Mario T. Balmased, M.D.

Market management    Sue Kamal, Ph.D

Nursing                            Shohreh Fatehi, R.N.

Technical Marketing     Vladimir Kaminski, Ph.D

Sales Director                Raymond Koosha, Ph.D.

By Email:              

By Phone:                       (949) 464-2082

Or by Mail:                       7 Almond Tree Lane

                                Irvine, CA 92612