Recognition and Appointments

         Technology Evaluation Panel, KMI Symposium (San Diego, 2002)

         Papers Committee, SubOptic 2001 Conference (Kyoto, 2001)

         IBC Submarine Communications Conference Chair, Day Two (Barcelona, 2000)

         Individual Recognition Award (2000)

         WaveStar Award (1998)

         Chairperson, 4A-Lucent National Public and Community Relations Committee (1997-98)

         Editor-In-Chief, 4A-Lucent Newsletter (1997)

         Individual Recognition Award (1996)

         Business Unit Recognition Award (1996)

         Business Excellence Team Award (1995)

         Business Unit Team Award (1994)

         Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (1993)

         Senior Member IEEE (1990)

         AT&T Architecture Awards (1989)


Selected Publications, Conferences and Patents


         Making Waves with Optical Cross-Connects, KMI Symposium (San Diego, 2002)

         Realizing Wavelength-Based Services with the Intelligent Optical Cross-Connect, IBC Submarine Communications Conference (Rome, 2001) and IEEE BMW IX Conference (Montebello, 2001)

         Next Generation Submarine Networks Integrating Terrestrial Systems, SubOptic 2001 (Kyoto, 2001)

         Global Networks: A KDD-SCS/Lucent Technologies Collaboration, Lucent White Paper, 2001

         Optical Method and Apparatus for Controlling Optical Signal Power in Response to Faults in an Optical Fiber Path, United States Patent 6,317,255 (2001)

         Backwards-Compatible Failure Restoration in Bidirectional Multiplex Section-Switched Ring Transmission Systems, United States Patent No. 6,246,667 (2001)

     Global Submarine Networks Evolution,  IBC Submarine Communications Conference (Barcelona, 2000) and VisiBis Optical Cross-Connect Conference (London, 2000)

         Managing Bandwidth in Evolving Global Networks, IIR Conference (Nice, 1999)

         Bandwidth Management for Reliable, Flexible Networks, IBC Conference (Cannes, 1999)

         Unleashing the Light, Lucent Technologies White Paper, 1999

         Optical Layer Restoration , International Conf. on Telecommunications (Thessaloniki, 1998)

         Metropolitan Area Networking , International Conf, on Telecommunications (Thessaloniki, 1998)

         Optical Networking, Bell Labs Technical Journal, Winter 1997-98

    Self-Healing Rings in Synchronous Environments, SONET/SDH: A Sourcebook of Synchronous Networking, IEEE Press, 1996

         Managing SONET Sub-networks, National Fiber Optic Engineers' Conference (San Diego, 1994)

         Control of Self-Healing Networks, National Communications Forum (Chicago, 1991)

         Network Restoration in the SDH Environment, World Telecommunication Forum (Geneva, 1991)

         High Capacity Digital Network Management and Control, GLOBECOM (San Diego, 1990)

         Economics of Ring Architectures Using Gigabit Lightwave Systems, Trends in Network Restoration (Edmonton, 1990)



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         Precise measurement of the Ratio of axial vector coupling to vector coupling in Lp+eˉ+ν, Physics Letters 98B, 123 (1981)

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         A study of inclusive L polarization from hydrogen and other targets at 28 Ge V/c, Physics Letters 90B, 310(1980)

         Precise measurement of Γ(Lp+eˉ+ν)/ Γ(Lp+pˉ), Physics Letters 91B, 165 (1980)

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         Experimental tests of Pomeron factorization in single particle inclusive scattering - Phys. Rev. Lett. 37 1120 (1976)

         Prompt positrons at AGS energies - Report on the Penn-Stonybrook experiment, Particle Searches and Discoveries, 1976 (Vanderbilt Conference)

         Direct Lepton Yields from Vector Meson Decay - Phys. Rev. Dl3, 153 (1976)